The Best Online German Course [My Top 5 in 2022]

best online german course

Learning German can be tough, and sometimes we all need a little help. Thanks to the internet, we have a huge selection of online German courses to choose from covering all elements of learning German.

After reading this post you will know which is the best online German course for you, depending on whether you want an all round course or to specialise in speaking or listening practice.

Most of these courses offer a free trial so you can dive right and in see which one suits you.

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The 5 Best Online German Courses in 2022

German Uncovered (StoryLearning)

Best for: An all round beginner course in German

German Uncovered is a comprehensive German course by well-known polyglot and author, Olly Richards.

To say this course is thorough is an understatement. It’s aimed at complete beginners, and by the end of the course you’ll be at an intermediate B1 level. German Uncovered is a 20 chapter story about a group who travel to Germany.

You’ll listen to each chapter lasting around 2 minutes, and then read the text whilst listening. Each chapter then has 4 lessons covering:

  • Cognates & translation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation

At the end of each lesson you can review what you’ve learned using flashcards, writing exercises and short tests.

I’ve rated this as the best online German course because it really is such a good all-rounder. Of course, no course can do everything. The only thing you won’t get to practice is speaking, though you will improve you pronunciation.

You can enroll in German Uncovered for $297 which I feel it’s fantastic value. You can try it out for yourself with a 7 day free trial and can cancel at any time.


Best for: Speaking skills

Lingoda is an online language school which provides lessons with German native speakers. This online German course is very well structured, and teaches levels A1 up to C1. Every 1 hour lesson follows a Powerpoint presentation on a huge variety of subjects.

Since each lesson takes place on Zoom, with up to 5 other students, there are a lot of opportunities to speak. In fact, the Lingoda teachers will encourage you to speak as much as possible, and most of the lesson will take place in German.

While this is a structured course, you are free to choose whichever lessons interest you most. So if you want to brush up of your German grammar, you might pick grammar lessons. If you’re particularly interested in the environment, you can attend lessons which focus on this.

One of the best things about this online German course, is the flexibility. Lessons are available 24 hours a day, so you just book whichever lesson interests you and whatever time.

I took part in the Lingoda Sprint, a time-limited programme where you can take either 15 (Sprint) or 30 (Super Sprint) lessons per months, for 2 months (so 30 or 60 lessons in total respectively).

If you manage to attend all your lessons, you will get a 50% refund for the Sprint and an incredible 100% refund on your class fees if you attend all 60 lessons in the Super Sprint.

Lingoda offer a 7 day free trial, where you’ll get 3 free lessons so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Rocket German

Best for: Listening skills

Rocket German is a podcast-style online course which favours immersion based learning. Rocket German offers 3 levels to choose from: level 1 (beginners & intermediates), level 2 (intermediate to advanced) and level 3 (advanced).

Each lesson is around 30 minutes long, where you’ll be introduced to the subject matter by an English speaker. You’ll then listen to an authentic conversation in German on a particular topic.

The host then goes back through the conversation line by line and explains each sentence in English. There are pauses during each line so you get the chance to repeat what you’ve heard. And at the end of each lesson the host will ask you a number of questions in English, which you need to answer in German.

There are ample opportunities to learn about German culture as there are separate lessons covering all sorts of cultural topics.

The best thing about Rocket German, is that you can download each lesson and listen to it offline. This is great if you do a lot of driving, as it’s so easy to listen to and practice your pronunciation in the car.

Rocket German Level 1 is priced at $149.95 $99.95 (33% off) or you can buy a bundle of all 3 levels for $449.85 $259.90 (42% off) with the discount code ROCKETDEAL.

You can grab a free trial of Rocket German and try it out for yourself.

Fluent in 3 Months Premium

Best for: Your first conversation

I’m a huge fan of Benny Lewis’ book ‘Language Hacking German’, in fact it was the first book I worked through when I started learning German and it gave me a great foundation.

So when I discovered that Benny had created a course ‘Fluent in 3 Months Premium’ which is based on his ‘speaking from day 1’ method, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Fluent in 3 Months Premium includes 9 sections, the main one being the ‘Speak From Day 1 Course’. This course is aimed at any target language, not German specific and includes:

  • How to pick up the essentials in any language
  • Simple techniques for memorising words & phrases
  • How to get over shyness and start talking
  • How to make your first conversation run smoothly
  • The best way to learn grammar
  • How to avoid switching to English

You’ll also get access to video interviews from many well known polyglots, sharing their tips for language learning.

In terms of German specific stuff, you’ll get a huge resource guide to advise you on where to find great German immersion materials plus simple phrases you can use to stretch out a conversation in German.

Overall this is a useful course packed with great advice for starting that first conversation in German. Fluent in 3 Months Premium costs just $97.

Deutsche Welle

Best: Free German course

Deutsche Welle provide a number of free online German courses teaching levels A1 up to C1. For levels A1, A2 and B1 each course follows the adventures of a Spanish guy, Nico, who is visiting Germany.

The story ‘Nico’s Weg’ is actually 3 complete movies which can be watched in full on YouTube. But for these courses, they are broken down into manageable chunks, usually a couple of minutes long each. You watch the section of the film, and can follow the dialogue as you listen.

At the beginning, Nico speaks no German, so it can work really well for complete beginners as you follow his journey. As you work through each module, you’ll be asked comprehension questions as well as having to listen to the dialogue again and selecting what you hear.

This is a great course to get you started in German particularly for your reading and listening skills. And best of all, it’s free.

How to choose the best online German course

Firstly, decide what you want to concentrate on. Perhaps you want to improve your speaking, listening or grammar. No single course can teach you everything, but there are some good all-rounders out there like German Uncovered.

Most of these courses offer a free trial, which is the best way to take a look around and see if it’s the best online German course for you.

What’s the best way to learn German at home?

Set aside time each say to work through your course. If you opt for a course like Lingoda, this is easy because you need to book your Zoom lessons in advance, so you know exactly when you need to be at your computer.

If you’re working through a self paced course, it can be easy to get distracted or lose focus. It’s important to allocate time every day to work on it. If you choose to work on your course at the same time every day, perhaps before or after work, it will help form a habit.

Importantly, if the course is the right fit for you, you’ll find it easier to stick with it.

Who are German online courses for?

German online courses are suitable for anyone. Whether you’re learning German as a hobby, for travel, work or maybe you’re planning to move to a German speaking country. Having a structured course to work through can help you to keep making progress with your German.

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