Resources For Language Learners​

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Finding the right resources for learning languages is so important for making good progress. There are so many ways to learn languages, the choices can be overwhelming. We all learn languages in different ways. What works for one person, might not work for another. I have tried a variety of methods for learning German. Below are my favourite tried and tested resources that I love.

Whether you like to work through a structured online course, work through grammar books or want to learn languages through reading and watching TV, there’s something here for you!

Online Courses & Apps

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Lingoda is an online language school providing individual and group lessons via Zoom video calls. Structured course materials & patient and friendly teachers.

Languages available: French, German, Spanish, English.

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MosaLingua is an online and smartphone flashcard app for language learners. Hundreds of pre-made flashcards for everyday words and phrases.

Languages available: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, English.

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Rocket Languages produces online language learning courses aimed at complete beginners to intermediates. It uses immersion based learning rather than studying grammar.

The lessons are in an interactive podcast style format with audio lessons which encourage the learner to repeat back phrases. You’ll also get a tonne of interactive features to reinforce what you learned during the lesson.

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Lingopie is an online video streaming platform for language learners. Immerse yourself in thousands of hours of locally produced TV shows & films.

Interactive clickable subtitles provide translations on demand. Flashcards for translated words are automatically added to a flashcard deck for review later.

Languages available: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese & Korean.

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StoryLearning was created by polyglot Olly Richards’ whose story-based online courses teach a variety of languages. You’ll find courses specialising in conversations, grammar & 30-day challenges.

Languages available: SpanishItalianGermanFrench and Japanese

Glossika uses spaced repetition to teach vocabulary in full, everyday sentences. You can choose to learn about subjects which interest you, and leave out topics that don’t.

Native speakers read each flashcard and you record and playback your own attempt at each flashcard. An excellent way to learn vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

German Grammar Books

Language Hacking German

My favourite book for complete beginners. Start speaking German from day 1. In this conversation course, each chapter covers an everyday topic from introductions & shopping to using the past & future tenses.

German Tutor

A great next step after you have learnt the German basics. In this book you’ll master German grammar with 200 exercises. 

A practical, well laid out text book. 

Enjoy German

A great book for practicing a variety of intermediate exercises in German. Covers writing, listening and reading. Comes with downloadable audio files and is a great self-study book.

Short Stories in German

Café in Berlin

A great short story for A2 level German learners. Follow Dino as he travels to Berlin to practice his German. An engaging, fun book to get started with.

Baumgartner & Momsen

A collection of 5 crime stories for intermediate German learners. Exciting & unusual cases with quirky main characters & plenty of everyday speech.

Short Stories in German (for Beginners)

A varied collection of 8 short stories in German covering genres such as sci-fi, historic, fantasy and contemporary. Great for A2-B1 level readers.

General Free Tools


My favourite free and most reliable online translator.

The best web & app dictionary for a large number of languages.

Reverso Context

Gives example sentences so you can see words in context.

Deutsche Welle

Extensive free online German course, levels from A1-C1.


A very useful and clear verb conjugator in 5 languages.


A question & answer community for language learners.

Speaking Practice


My favourite FREE language exchange app. Meet language partners, make new friends and improve your speaking skills.

One of the best ways to get speaking practice for free.


A FREE tri-weekly online meet-up for German learners. Every meet-up there is a different topic of conversation to discuss with fellow German learners from around the world. 

Note: Meet-up times on website are CET.


Find affordable native speaking tutors online with italki. Get customised, 1-to-1 lessons and practice your speaking skills.

Get $10 italki credits when you buy your first lesson using my affiliate link!

YouTube Channels

Easy German

Learn German from the streets. The Easy German team interview German speakers on the streets of Berlin about everyday topics.

Learn German with Anja

Extensive and fun German lesson videos with the entertaining Anja. Every imaginable topic and grammar concept covered.

Deutsch Lera

Intermediate & advanced German lessons with Lera. Really interesting videos covering grammar concepts, vocab & colloquialisms.