Learn German the fun way with my collection of books…

Learn authentic, everyday German with my collection of books for beginner & intermediate German learners.

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Everyday German Phrases for Beginners

Discover over 400 easy German words & phrases which can be used in everyday situations.

Each chapter covers a certain phrase such as ‘nice to meet you’, introductions etc. & explores the different ways to say that phrase.

The Wunderbar World of German Idioms

Does German ‘get on your cookies’ or maybe it’s ‘all Spanish to you’?

Discover 75 everyday German idioms, their literal translations, English versions & see them in context with example sentences.

The Wunderbar World of German Idioms Vol. 2

Are you hungry for more German idioms?

Vol. 2 will take you on a journey to discover 75 more everyday German idioms and sayings, all approved by native German speakers.