Wait a minute! (Warte mal!)  Your German sentence structure is still all mixed up…

I know it’s important to you that you understand how German sentences work, so that you’re never left in that awkward situation, struggling to put a sentence together while your language partner patiently waits for you to finish…

Which is why you need to:

  1. Head over to your inbox and find the email from Emma Loves German – German Sentence Structure Cheat Sheet
  2. Hit the red ‘Download The Cheat Sheet’ button
  3. Read the German Sentence Structure Cheat Sheet so that you have a clear roadmap for how to structure sentences
  4. Start writing your own sentences in a journal, or practice with a language partner

Be sure to check every corner of your inbox including the spam and promotion folders for ‘German Sentence Structure Cheat Sheet’.

If you don’t see it after 5 minutes, drop me an email at: emma(at)emmalovesgerman(dot)com