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german numbers

German Numbers: How to Count From 0-1000

Learning the German numbers, Zahlen, can seem like an intimidating task when you first start out. There is a lot to learn, but once you learn the numbers 1 – 12, there are some patterns …
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how to say merry christmas in german

How to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ in German

How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in German? In this post we are going to learn how, plus I’ll also give you some insights into some of the German Christmas traditions. If you’re not feeling Christmassy …
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how to say friend in german 2 friends in cafe

10 Ways to Say ‘Friend’ in German

There are many ways to say ‘friend’ in German. Whether you’re talking about your best friend, buddy, mate, chum, acquaintance or a stranger, we’re going to examine 10 different ways you can say ‘friend’ in …
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audiobooks for learning german headphones

5 Useful German Audiobooks [To Improve Listening Skills]

… My Choice Learn German with Paul Noble Like having your own German tutorBuilds sentences & boosts confidencePerfect for complete beginners Buy Now on Amazon Have you ever wondered how listening to German audiobooks can take your learning to the …
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how are you in german two hands holding

How to Say ‘How Are You?’ in German

There are many different ways to ask ‘how are you?’ in German, just like there are many ways to say hello or goodbye. In this post, we will look at the most common ways to …
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