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german listening practice

How To Skyrocket Your German Listening Practice

While so much importance is placed on speaking German, it’s equally important to get as much German listening practice as possible, so that you can understand what’s being said in order to reply. Having dedicated…

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happy easter in german

How to Say ‘Happy Easter’ in German

Easter is one of the most important holidays in German speaking countries. Not only is it a religious festival, many non-religious people use it as a time to celebrate the start of Spring. It’s common…

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Money in German: Everything You Need To Know

Money makes the world goes round, so they say. And money is something you’re going to encounter whenever you spend any time in any German speaking countries. Knowing how to talk about money in German…

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german capitalization rules

German Capitalization Rules [That You Need To Know]

Whether you’ve only recently started learning German, or if you’ve been studying the language for a while, you’ve probably noticed that German uses a lot more capitalization than English. The German capitalization rules can be…

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