German Script Builder

A comprehensive script builder for everyday conversations to help you prepare your own customised scripts that you can put together even if you feel like you can’t think fast enough to actually have a conversation in German.

If you’re afraid of sitting down in a café, planning to speak German, but as the waiter approaches, you immediately switch to English and end up feeling like a total failure, then keep scrolling…

So, my German learner, have you ever…

  • Had that feeling of terror when you realise that the shop assistant you’ve been avoiding has spotted you and is walking over, even though you’ve been doing your best to keep your head down and avoid any German language interaction.
  • Been so afraid of feeling judged for making a mistake, you let yourself miss opportunities to practice German with native speakers.
  • Actually hoped that new language partner you arranged a call with doesn’t answer the phone, because you’ve not prepared anything and have no idea what to say.

It’s not like you want it to be like this. 

You’ve been diligently studying your German grammar books for months, scouring the internet for German vocabulary and even watched a load of German YouTube channels in the hope of picking up the language.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault.

You see, hiding behind the safety of a German grammar book doesn’t get you actually speaking. Most of us don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning a language, and because of this we can feel unprepared and end up stopping completely.

Which is why you need a method for piecing together real-life conversations you will actually use instead of learning phrases like ‘my grandfather has 28 potatoes’, so that way you don’t feel out of your depth when the opportunity to speak German comes up.

Introducing the…

German Script Builder

A comprehensive script builder for everyday conversations to help you prepare your own customised scripts that you can put together even if you feel like you can’t think fast enough to actually have a conversation in German.

After downloading the German Script Builder you’ll:

  • Get grab & go German scripts in 10 categories: introductions, why are you learning German, conversations about work, where are you from, hobbies & interests, travel, shopping, going out & eating out.
  • Be able to converse easily with a German waiter and learn a bit of grammar as you go, thanks to the bonus Grammar Guide.
  • Get customisable German scripts with examples so that you know your German sentences actually make sense.
  • Be able to customise each script to make it personal to you so that you can feel confident that you’re prepared for all different situations.
  • Actually start speaking German, whether it’s talking about hobbies with a language partner, ordering a meal, or checking into a hotel.

“The German Script Builder is great for someone who wants to be able to express themselves right away (create personal answers in advance) and who understands that German speakers do not expect you to speak perfectly as a beginner. 

It provides examples of how to ask / respond to common questions, and with a dictionary, you can use it to fill in the blanks with your personalized info.  The editable version of this script builder is a great addition for this purpose.

I also like the side by side versions of informal vs formal.  You will sound less like a beginner if you at least know the difference between when it is appropriate to use informal vs formal.  The “need to know why” part of you will likewise enjoy the Grammar Guide for more extensive explanations.”

– Crystal, Canada

“The German Script Builder has helped me to become more confident in speaking to a German native I am friends with, by allowing me to write down my own quick responses. It is also helping me to prepare for my upcoming trip to Germany for the first time.

The categories included are varied and essential to learning. The audio tracks that are included are nice and the scripts include both formal and informal phrases, which are well thought out. Grammar tips are added in when necessary and are very important to understand word order in the phrases you create.

Overall I love the German Script Builder & it has been instrumental to my learning process.
Thank you so much Emma!”

Bryce, USA

So if you’re ready to actually feel prepared and confident for your first conversation with a new language partner, or that dopamine hit that you know is coming if you can get through a simple exchange with a German speaker without resorting to English, get your…

German Script Builder

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Oh, do you want some bonuses?

Bonus #1
The Grammar Guide

The Grammar Guide uses many of the sentences you’ll encounter in the German Script Builder, breaks them down and explains the grammar and why it is used.

You’ll learn the grammatical reasons why words are in a certain order and will be able to use this knowledge to form correct sentences of your own.

Bonus #2
Connector Phrases Ebook

The Connector Phrases Ebook introduces you to 21 easy to remember words & phrases which can smooth sentences together & buy vital ‘thinking time’.

You’ll discover useful phrases such as ‘by the way’, ‘to be honest’ and ‘like I said…’

Bonus #3
Printer Friendly & Editable PDFs

If you’re the kind of German learner who prefers to print out and write down, or maybe you never go anywhere without your iPad, with the German Script Builder you can choose to print, or use the editable PDF.

Bonus #4 Audio

A collection of audio tracks with full example sentences, plus ‘fill-in-the-gap’ audio tracks.

“There’s a lot captured neatly into this extremely helpful script builder. Each topic contains pertinent sentences with grammar emphasis in a colorful, well-laid out format. Overall, this is a tidy script builder for your German learning toolbox.”
Hunter, USA

“What you have prepared is very practical. The German Script Builder has helped me to consolidate what I have learnt so far in A1 course (and what I will learn in future courses).”

“The German Script Builder is a great tool that breaks down sentence structure / grammar in a really easily understandable / digestible way. It’s been very helpful!”

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If you’re ready to have that light bulb moment, and experience that ‘I get it’ feeling when German words are spilling from your lips, grab your…

German Script Builder

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I’m Emma, and I love the German language. My aim is to get you enjoying learning German as much as I do and to help make this sometimes confusing language, that bit easier.

Having guided thousands of German learners through the scary world of language learning, and dedicated myself to mastering German, I’m here to share everything I know with you.